Babcock’s Complete Auto Care Center offers a free oil change to all loyal customers from Englewood, Denver,and nearby surrounding areas.

The Free Oil Change is reserved especially for loyal customers of Babcock’s Complete Auto Care Center. We appreciate your patronage and invite you to continue bringing your vehicle to the shop for affordable 5-star service. If you ever feel that you did not receive 5-star service then let us know and we’ll do what we can to make it right.

How Do I Get The Free Oil Change?

The Free Oil Change is a modern equivalent of those old loyalty programs where they punched a card a number of times in order to for you to get the freebie. They were especially common with ice cream parlors. There is a card available to help you keep track if you want it but we don’t punch it with a hole punch. The “punches” come from engaging with us online.

Once you complete the following steps, let us know, present the “proof” on your phone or we’ll look it up online and you’ll receive a free standard 5-quart oil change:

Like or follow us on three social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. If you don’t have an account with any of these platforms we can help you create one.

Visit the shop at least 5 times and receive service (anything beyond a free inspection).

Leave a review for Babcock’s Complete Auto Care Center online after each visit.

If at any time you feel like you didn’t receive 5-star service, let us know before you leave the review and we’ll do what we can to make it right.

This program is not intended to violate any policies of review websites, and it is certainly not meant to encourage customers to misrepresent our services online. Customers are only invited to share their actual experiences and if we didn’t provide superior service then give us a chance to make it superior. There are no policies from review websites that prohibit open communication between the business and customer. We are human beings, and occasionally we can make mistakes, but in the rare case they occur it’s how the mistakes are handled that matters. We stand by our services and if a repair fails within the warranty period we fix it for free.

No one can leave a review and expect to get incentivized for that review and we don’t stipulate where the customer leaves the review so there is actually no specific policy that can be applied. Although we will make suggestions; it’s preferred that the review be left at a different site each time, but not required.

It’s not an incentive to leave reviews, but one might consider it an incentive to remember to leave reviews as a large number of customers tend to forget once they leave the shop. Reviews should not be left while still at the shop.

Above all, if a customer follows us on three specific social platforms, comes to the shop 5 times to receive service and likes us enough to leave a review each time, wouldn’t you consider that a loyal customer who deserves something special? We do! And even after you receive the free oil change we hope that you’ll continue bringing your vehicles to the shop and engaging with us online.

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