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Babcock’s Complete Auto Care Center offers a price match guarantee to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your automotive services.

Everybody wants to get the best deal and still have their car repaired properly. That’s why we offer you a price match guarantee. We will match or beat any competitor’s price as long as a standard of quality is not compromised. Try it out today. Call 303-781-0302 Ext 1001 to schedule an appointment.


Whether you get a quote from us before or after another auto repair shop, you’ll find that our pricing is very competitive. Auto repair is quoted as both labor and parts. Our labor rates are among the lowest in the area and any markup on parts is conservative. If we went any lower it would severely affect the quality of the parts and services, which we don’t want to do. We want to provide the best possible service while still keeping it affordable.

This is one of the reasons why some will find that our promotional deals and discounts are not as substantial as other shops. It doesn’t make sense to us to raise prices just so that we can reduce them in a coupon; although that’s the advice we are often given by marketing professionals since they see data that suggests how well that actually works with many consumers.

We can use samples in retail to demonstrate this point more precisely. There’s the Walmart-type retailers, who rarely have coupons but establish their brand as the cheapest available. The word “cheap” is used in both contexts, meaning inexpensive and low quality.

Then there’s the craft stores like Joann and Michaels, who generally have high prices but frequently release coupons in their marketing channels (direct mail, email, etc.). If you don’t have the coupon then you’re actually subsidizing everyone else who does. A similar comparison is Groupon. Groupon generally encourages businesses to raise their prices so that their coupons can at least say “50% off” or more. They do that because data suggests that the audience they attract will only respond if the marked “discount” is that high.

The Iron Triangle – Good, Fast, or Cheap, “Pick Two”?

Business owners are certainly familiar with the iron triangle, as are many consumers. It’s also called the “project management triangle” or “triple constraint”. As the constraint is commonly described, when creating any product or service you can make it any two of the following but not all three: good, fast or cheap. The simple nature of it requires that if you pick any two of them it will automatically omit the third.

This principle is demonstrated in extremes when it’s described. However businesses are always actually playing with a full spectrum of each. It’s not “either, or” in the extreme, it’s a balance of raising or lowering each to the levels that their customer base finds tolerable.

So where does Babcock’s Complete Auto Care Center fall in the range of pricing vs quality? It’s a little difficult to make an exact comparison since we are part of a different industry than most retail and even within the industry we are a specific niche of auto repair. You might say we are a little like Target, where the pricing is often competitive with Walmart, but the products are higher quality. People can relate to that because they’ve shopped at both Walmart and Target. Yet, it’s more accurate to compare us with a high quality Golf Shop (a very specific niche) that has pricing like Target, and most of the time you just don’t find that.

Why is Babcock’s Complete Auto Care Center positioning itself this way? One reason is that there is already too much “bait and switch” happening in the auto repair industry and we don’t want to be like the rest of the auto repair industry.

Since we keep the pricing simple you can rest assured that you’re always getting a good deal. We don’t pay staff with commissions and we don’t try to sell unnecessary repairs.

By providing quality service we make sure that you can benefit from the long term value of having the same shop work on your vehicle over the life of the vehicle. It’s one thing to shop at Walmart for the cheapest shirts, movies and milk, which are low-ticket items that are often replaced; but if you shop for auto repair the same way, always chasing the cheapest sale or coupon then your vehicle will undoubtedly be handled by multiple different mechanics who don’t care for it like we do. That will cost you in the long run.

We position ourselves this way because we want to service your vehicles for as long as you are driving them. You should feel that you’re getting a great deal and high quality for your vehicle every time that you come in, not just when you have coupon.

The Conditions of Babcock’s Complete Auto Care Center Price Match Guarantee

If you’d like to take advantage of the price match guarantee then simply bring the competitor’s quote to the shop and allow us to perform a free inspection. After those two steps are completed then we will match or beat the competitor’s pricing under the following conditions to ensure that a certain standard of quality is not compromised:

We have to agree with the competitor’s assessment of the vehicle. If we don’t agree then we will present our findings and discuss options with you. (We generally respect other shops and we don’t intend to throw anyone under the bus per se, but everyone is human which means we need to verify what is going on and we are not going to perform any repairs without inspecting the vehicle first).

The choice of parts has to meet a certain standard of quality. This is why we need the written competitor’s quote which details the exact parts that they intend to use. We won’t install parts that don’t meet a certain level of quality. That would actually be a disservice which only forces you to get repairs more frequently since cheap parts do not last. Generally we will not price match parts that are purchased from Rock Auto; Amazon is also unlikely but it’s considered on a case by case basis.

Competitor’s coupons are not accepted. As previously stated there is too much “bait and switch” already going on in the auto repair industry. If they provide a coupon for lower than the cost of actually providing the service, then keep in mind they are expecting to charge you more for other services that are not covered by the coupon. Note that a standard 5-quart oil change costs the shop $30, so if they are posting coupons for $15 or $20 oil changes it’s a “bait and switch”, or more accurately a “bait and add” to make up the difference.

Competitor’s advertisements are not considered as quotes; it has to be a written invoice. Too often the advertisements don’t mention additional services or fees that they intend to charge you once they get you into their shop.

In addition to the price match guarantee we are also available to the do-it-yourself home mechanic. We will install parts that you provide if the part meets a certain standard of quality, but they will not be covered by warranty.

Babcock’s Affordable Quality of Service

Offering the price match guarantee and ensuring that you get a great deal every time you bring your vehicle to the shop is just the beginning of the quality that you will receive at Babcock’s Complete Auto Care Center.

When you come to Babcock’s you’ll be greeted with a friendly welcome. Most of the time that will be by the gentleman at the front desk. We don’t pay staff by commissions, and we never try to sell unnecessary repairs. If you wish to speak to the technician working on your vehicle or the owner, you may do so at any time.

The technicians are well-trained with over 40 years of combined experience, including 2 senior master technicians. We treat your vehicle as if it belonged to our own mother.

After a free inspection we give you a straightforward report of the findings and discuss options with you for moving forward. That’s Quality You Can Trust!

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If you’d like affordable 5-star quality service or if you’d like to take advantage of our price match guarantee, then call 303-781-0302 Ext 1001 to schedule an appointment today.